Creating a JavaScript “Set As Homepage” Link

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The unfortunate part about creating websites for customers is that no matter what recommendation I make, if they want it, I have to give it. Thus is the case with recently adding a "Set As Homepage" link to a customer's website. Homepages are much more useful to the user when they're set to Google, Yahoo!, another portal, or they're webmail. To each their own, I guess, so here's how you create a "Set As Hompage" link using JavaScript.

The JavaScript

function set_homepage()

I don't want to say that this link is tacky necessarily, but I think it's a bit obnoxious. If the user wanted your site to be their homepage, you wouldn't have to ask them. Also note that this only works in Internet Explorer.

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  1. bodohkau

    bodoh kau ni jang…

  2. reddy

    I guess this only works below IE7 ?

  3. i have put that in website, works in IE but not on FF or chrome! :(

  4. it doesn’t work on latest version of browsers

  5. Sayid Akbar

    I think . it may work in older version of all the browsers.

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