Gather Feedback Using the Amazing UserWell

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Most websites and mobile apps collect all sorts of data to try to gain insights into what users are doing, not doing, and to gain insight into what users may want. Those metrics are useful but there's a more valuable way to get information: direct feedback from users. Userwell is an awesome service that makes gathering, implementing, and delivering direct feedback super easy!

Quick Tips

  • Userwell provides you a free 14 day trial! Try the product feedback management software today!
  • Userwell gathers feedback from all channels in one central place
  • Integrations are continuously added
  • Userwell provides an easy to use JavaScript widget to place on your website
  • Feedback can be validated by users by publishing them on a feedback page
  • Insights can be generated by connecting Userwell to your revenue metrics tool
  • Feedback can be piped into your project management tool (GitLab, Trello, etc.)

After signing up for your free 14 day trial, you create a feedback page to use for your website, app, or product. With your page created, you can create a widget which is placed on your website with very little code:

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  "token": "########-####-####-####-############"

As feedback starts rolling in, you can categorize feedback, create actionable items, and organize how you address to that feedback. You can organize by status, source, comments, ratings, and date created:

Within your project, you can add various types of users on your team to handle the feedback, such as project managers, product managers, engineers, and other relevant members. This allows your team and feature requests to be assigned so nothing slips between the cracks.

Users can also vote to communicate what should be implemented. As feedback is sorted and features are in process, everyone gets feedback as to the current state of requests.

What's also great is that you can utilize Userwell integrations to pipe feedback into third party services like Trello, GitLab, Jira, and other popular services. In essence, you can use Userwell just to get and pass on feedback to other services, or as a complete task management application.

Userwell isn't just a widget that solicits and collects feedback -- it's a complete management system for each level of stakeholder. Userwell's feedback management tooling is really impressive -- I didn't expect to see a tool handle everything from gathering to feature completion!


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