Weekend Links – Firefox 3 Hacks, jQuery Kwicks, Shorthand CSS, XMPPHP, Google Page Rank PHP

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Cutting Edge: Exclusive Firefox 3 about:config Hacks

Firefox 3 has not yet come out in its official, final form yet but Eric Wendelin is already tinkering with Firefox's popular "about:config." Learn how to further customize your 'fox!


Introducing Kwicks For jQuery

Jeremy Martin was no doubt envious of my MooTools Kwicks example so he decided to do a bang-up job of porting the effect to jQuery. The easing very smooth and his class is very customizable.


Effective Shorthand CSS

I use shorthand CSS on all my projects. Shorthand CSS cuts down on development time and file size. Don't know how to do it? Michael Leigeber can show you how.



If you use GTalk or any other Jabber client, you're using XMPP. This PHP class allows you to send messages using XMPP just like you were using instant messaging.


Google Page Rank in PHP

It seems to me that Google's Page Rank rating has gone down in importance over the past year. That said, there's no reason to not take advantage of a great PHP script!


Recent Features

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    Write Better JavaScript with Promises

    You've probably heard the talk around the water cooler about how promises are the future. All of the cool kids are using them, but you don't see what makes them so special. Can't you just use a callback? What's the big deal? In this article, we'll...

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    CSS vs. JS Animation: Which is Faster?

    How is it possible that JavaScript-based animation has secretly always been as fast — or faster — than CSS transitions? And, how is it possible that Adobe and Google consistently release media-rich mobile sites that rival the performance of native apps? This article serves as a point-by-point...

Incredible Demos

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    Introducing MooTools ScrollSpy

    I've been excited to release this plugin for a long time. MooTools ScrollSpy is a unique but simple MooTools plugin that listens to page scrolling and fires events based on where the user has scrolled to in the page. Now you can fire specific...

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    PHP / MooTools 1.2 Accordion Helper

    The MooTools Accordion plugin seems to be the plugin that people seem to have the most problems with. It's an awesome plugin, so I can see why so many people want to use it, but I think that may be part of the problem.


  1. kitty

    The javascript compression is not working correctly on your blog.

  2. @kitty: How so?

  3. Ha – GREEN with envy….

  4. kitty

    function test() { alert('hi'); } returns a strange output when compressed – is it valid?

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