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4/29/2011: I've added information about the event.

It's no secret that much of my focus over the past year hasn't been so much with MooTools but instead with the Dojo Toolkit.  That shift in focus has come with becoming a member of the SitePen team.  For those of you who are not aware of who SitePen is:  SitePen is the prestigious JavaScript development shop founded by Dojo Toolkit founder Dylan Schiemann which employs many Dojo Toolkit committers.  Needless to say, I work with some outstanding JavaScript pioneers and programmers.

Over the past year we've really beefed up Dojo documentation with some awesome tutorials and a sweet new API viewer.  Over that year we've also created an outstanding Dojo training workshop teaching everything from basic JavaScript and Dojo concepts to advanced Dojo topics.  The SitePen team worked tirelessly to put these workshops together (I know, as I had a large role in their creation).  These workshops aren't your normal slideshows -- they feature thorough examples and challenging activities for developers of all skill levels.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I'll be presenting at the workshop in San Jose, CA from May 24-26.  If you or your development team want to learn how to use Dojo to create dynamic, responsive, efficient web applications, consider coming to a SitePen Dojo workshop!!

SitePen will also be sponsoring a event in San Jose on May 25, 2011. If you love JavaScript, please come bay for a beer and some conversation with other great developers!

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  1. I’m in San Jose and badly wanted to attend, but student loans and a manager unwilling to sponsor means I’m going to have to sit out :(

  2. David, are you aware of any new books due to be published on Dojo? The one’s currently out there are now out of date by a few years.

    • Good question. I’m not aware of more recent books than those that appear on the DTK website, but Dojo’s API is 100% backward compatible so the methods within the book should still work.

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