Keith Horwood Tutorials

    Keith is a self-taught developer from Toronto, Canada with a passion for learning and building. Formerly the Engineering Lead at Storefront, his most recent adventure is building Polybit, a service that allows to developers to more effectively build and deploy their application backends so they can focus on their product and their customers.

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    stdlib: Create Scalable Node.js Microservices in a Flash

    Hey everyone - today I have the honor of walking you through using the brand new service registry for microservices, stdlib. You can also check out stdlib on GitHub, which is the open source project we'll be using to generate service scaffolding and take care of package management.

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    Nodal: A Tutorial for Easily Creating API Services in Node.js

    If you haven't heard about Nodal yet, or you have but you're unsure of where to begin, this tutorial is for you! Make sure you keep up with Nodal on GitHub to follow project updates. Nodal is a Node.js server platform and framework that enables you to develop API...