Cory LaViska Tutorials

    Cory LaViska is the founder of A Beautiful Site, LLC, a small development studio in Central Florida. He's responsible for things like Surreal CMS,, and Postleaf. Code with him on GitHub or follow him on Twitter, but whatever you do, always use a serial comma.

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    Shoelace.css: A Back to the Basics CSS Starter Kit

    CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI have become an essential part of web design. They provide the necessary resets, default styles, and components that save us hours and hours of work. Most CSS frameworks are built using preprocessors such as Less or Sass, which is...

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    Hosting a Website on Amazon S3

    Everyone knows that Amazon S3 is great for storing files. It's fast, inexpensive, and easy to setup. What you may not realize is that you can also host static websites on this robust platform. What is a static website? In short, it's a website comprised of...