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    Loves maths, especially geometry. Enjoys playing with code. Passionate about experimenting and learning new things. Fascinated by astrophysics and science in general. Huge fan of technological advance and its applications in all fields. Shows an interest in motor sports, drawing, classic cartoons, rock music, cuddling toys and animals with sharp claws and big teeth. Dreams about owning a real tiger.

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    Ana Tudor’s Favorite CodePen Demos

    Cocoon I love canvas, I love interactive demos and I don't think I have ever been more impressed by somebody's work than when I discovered what Tiffany Rayside has created on CodePen. So I had to start off with one of her interactive canvas pens, even though...

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    Emulate the Invert Filter Effect with Sass

    After figuring out how to get the result of the invert filter for a solid background, the next idea that came to mind was naturally doing this with Sass in order to reproduce the filter effect for browsers not supporting filters. Sass already has...

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    Detect Inverted Color with CSS and JavaScript

    There was something that bugged me after reading David's article on the invert filter last week. It was this sentence: The values reported back by window.getComputedStyle(el) will be the original CSS values, however, so there's no way of getting the true inverted values of given properties. But...

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    How Nesting 3D Transformed Elements Works

    CSS animations are incredibly popular right now, and I don't just mean animating a simple color or dimension property, I mean 3D transformations as well; CSS flips and rotating cubes being prime examples. We can find simple CSS snippets and examples for transforms, but...