Be: With 130+ Pre-Made Layouts the Hard Work was Already Done for You

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Select a fully-customizable pre-made layout to serve as the foundation for your web page, and let Be Theme, do the heavy lifting.

Imagine if you could choose among 130+ pre-made layouts like those shown below, with 8 new ones being added each month. It will be easy to find a layout that matches the web design project you have in mind, and these layouts are true productivity hacks.

They can be installed with 1 click, no coding is necessary, and most of the design detail and the often time-consuming repetitive actions are taken care of by tools embedded in the theme. Better yet, Be's world-class support team is there to help you along the way.








How to Edit a Pre-made Layout Quickly (1 click installation)

Watch the video, which takes about a minute of your time, and discover how you can install a pre-made layout and initiate the editing process in about the same amount of time it took to watch the video. It is really that easy!

The installation and editing processes seem to be happening at lightning speed, but you will find yourself creating pages at the very same pace in no time at all. Perform a design function once or twice, and you are well on your way to becoming an expert.

Furthermore, the tools you have to work with, like the Admin Panel and the Layout Configurator, keep track of your design efforts, so you never have to go back because you've lost track of where you are or what you did. Be Theme does that for you, as you move along a click at a time. The video offers just a small sampling of how easy this WordPress theme is to use.

Be Theme has more than 20 powerful core features

Since every Be Theme layout is totally customizable, you could pick any one and get off to a good start. When you select one that closely matches your objective however, you will get off to an even faster start, and thanks to Be's more than 20 powerful core features, you can maintain your momentum until you are ready to present the end product to your client.

The Muffin Builder is one of the easiest to use page builders you will find anywhere. It handles even the most complex pages with ease. You will be amazed at how quickly you can put a high-quality page together thanks to the Shortcode Generator, and the Layout Configurator makes the whole website building activity a nearly seamless operation.

There are more than a dozen header styles and a set of base grid configurations to choose from, as well as a useful selection of blog and portfolio configurations. Virtually any element or configuration you select can be edited, so your design options are for all intents and purposes unlimited.

Installing and editing a premade layout is a snap -- as you will see.

Show the Results to Your Client and Send Him an Invoice 

It is worth mentioning at this point that one of Be's core features is that it is optimized for speed. It will do what you want it to do as fast as you can click, which means your client is in for a pleasant surprise. Instead of receiving a quality product within the scheduled time, he will be getting an outstanding product in much less time than anticipated.

You can build a page in minutes. Spend an extra minute or so for adjusting and polishing, and you can impress and delight your client with a web page that once took an hour or more to put together, and with less impressive results.

Your client will be happy, and you will be pleased; just as is the case with these, and the vast majority of the other Be Theme users:

Customer Support: Always There When You Need It

If a problem should crop up, and you do need assistance, you will never have to put up with having to navigate a menu in order to speak to a real, live person, and you will not have to settle for a stock answer that isn't all much of a help.

The first place to go should be Be's well-organized forum, where most of the commonplace questions have already been answered, as demonstrated in these examples:

Be Theme is without a doubt the biggest WordPress theme ever; not only in terms of premade layouts, but in terms of the number of core features, the many design options open to you, and the number of totally-satisfied users.

You will discover from the very start how much your productivity will improve because of what the premade layouts offer and the rapidity in which you can create a quality product. There is a layout to fit virtually any web design product, and new ones are being introduced each month. Watch the video, try a demo, and hop on board!