The Truth About Code Review

Written by David Walsh on February 1, 2013 · 5 Comments

Code review is an essential practice for organizations that cater to large amounts of traffic and want to ensure maintainability throughout a team of developers.  Of course that doesn't mean that every developer on the team thinks and codes the same way, so code review (in many cases) is in place to ensure that the code has no loose ends or security holes.  If there was ever an accurate illustration of code review, this would be it:

Code Review

No one is ever completely satisfied with each piece, but as long as there's nothing insecure or dysfunctional, it's usually best to let it pass.

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    • I would add comprehensible/maintanable to the requirement to let it pass.

  1. LOL. This is incredibly funny, and incredibly true!

  2. I actually like this version more. :-)

  3. Heh, good stuff!

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